Assessment & Treatment of Neck Pain & Headache Course Melbourne

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1 1/2 Day Cervical Course – Advanced Assessment and Treatment Skills

WHEN: FRIDAY May 27TH 6.00 PM – 9.00 PM & SATURDAY May 28TH 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM 2011



Do you want to provide the best possible service to your patients / clients?

Do you want to immediately advance your knowledge & skill in treating acute & chronic neck problems of a soft tissue nature?

Do you want more confidence in treating difficult cervical conditions?

Do you want to learn advanced techniques such as Muscle Energy technique to restore mobility to all the cervical joints if their function is restricted by soft tissue dysfunction?

Do you want more knowledge of surface anatomy of this region which will allow you to become much more specific with your treatment?

Do you want to advance your Soft Tissue treatment skills to include simultaneous spinal movement?

Do you want to learn in a fun, relaxed environment and get greater satisfaction from your clinical work?

Do you want the confidence that you can positively change all the layers of soft tissue from superficial to the deep.

If you answered YES to any of these questions then this course is for you.


This course will be conducted by Rob Granter Director of the Australasian College of Soft Tissue Therapy

This course will significantly alter the way you see, assess and treat the head and neck region.

COST: $235 Friday evening and all day Saturday


Anatomy: The 4 myofascial layers. Extrinsic to Intrinsic. Knowing our key surface anatomical reference points

Subjective Assessment: Clarification – When to treat when to refer (knowing the red flags) / Irritability – a vital factor

Objective Assessment: Key postural reference points

Active Range Of Motion – the best indicator of function / dysfunction / The Scapula Offload test – gives clarity to the direction of treatment

Passive Range of Motion – The clear window to assess segmental function

Strategy of Treatment

Addressing causative factors

Reducing Neuromuscular Holding Patterns – recognition of protective guarding / Extrinsic and Intrinsic

Addressing Dysfunction in Extrinsic Myofascia – adding functional movements to treatment

Upper Trapezius / Levator Scapula / Sterno-cleido-mastoid

Stretching: Purpose – Focus – Precision

Contract – Relax (Direct & Indirect) & Active Assisted techniques

Addressing Dysfunction in Intrinsic Myofascia

Clarification of terms

Segmental biomechanics – know the 3 categories A. (C0/1) B. (C1/2) & C. (C2/3 – 6/7)

Intrinsic segmental assessment – to the 3 categories

Principles of Muscle Energy Technique

Application to the Cervico-thoracic junction

Application to assessed segmental dysfunction

Preparatory direct hands-on techniques: Group C (C2/3 to C6/7) & Group B (C1/2)

Introducing Intrinsic management – The suite of Treatment options: C0/1 C1/2 & C 2/3 to C6/7

Patient exercises for consolidation of treatment

Extrinsic and Intrinsic

Upper cervical flexion supine

Putting it all together

This course will significantly alter the way you see, assess and treat the head and neck region. For more information please call 03 9459 1299 or 0417542723

Download the full brochure here:CxBrochureMelb2011