New Course to Review Important Essential Skills


New Course presented by Robert Granter


This new ACSTT Continual Clinical Skill Enhancement Series is aimed at keeping our clinical skills updated and refreshed

All therapists recognize the importance of maintaining and developing the essential knowledge and skills of their profession.

This interactive class will review the important surface anatomical points of the upper body to immediately allow you to become oriented and know exactly where you are on the body to give certainty and confidence to palpatory assessment and subsequent treatment interventions

You will learn the dominant boney, myofascial, vascular and neural regions of the Head, Neck, Thoracic and Lumbar spine, Abdomen, Scapular and Upper Limb and appreciate and understand the 3 dimensional nature of the tissue at a greater level of depth. Active joint movement planes will also be reviewed. All participants will be encouraged to submit their areas of greatest need to ensure that all members of the group obtains the greatest benefit from the time spent.

COST: A$75

WHEN: Wednesday May 26TH 2010            6.30pm – 9.30pm

WHERE: Melbourne City CBD Australia


Rob has had 23 years experience in Soft Tissue Therapy and has been head of Massage Therapy services for the Malvern, Prahran, Croydon and Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centres, the Victorian Institute of Sport, the Australian Olympic teams in 1996 & 2000 and the 2006 Commonwealth Games, Melbourne
Rob was also a contributor to the textbook “Clinical Sports Medicine” by Drs Brukner & Khan and is currently is in private practice in Melbourne and teachers at RMIT University and the Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy.

Click Here To Download the Full Brochure: SurfaceAnatomyReview