MULTI MODAL MOVEMENT PART 2: Post Grad Course with Joanne Elphinston

Exercise Pathways for Sound Foundation Movement.

When: Saturday March 20th 1.30pm – 4.30pm and Sunday March 21st 9.00am – 4.00pm

What: In order to move well, an athlete must be able to create and control forces effectively, and this is dependent upon multiple interdependent factors. The evidence base supports multimodal, neuromuscular programs for rehabilitation and injury prevention, and the concept of “core stability training ” as it is commonly practiced is appropriately being questioned in the light of new research.

In this 11/2 day MULTI MODAL MOVEMENT Part 2 course the concepts from Part 1 will be extended to explore the principles of progression, and exercise pathways for development of appropriate muscle patterning and control will be instructed. Emphasis is on observation, handling and cueing as this foundation knowledge is then extrapolated into different sporting applications.

The course is designed for therapists seeking greater knowledge in current rehabilitation concepts.

Prerequisites: Participants must have completed MULTI MODAL MOVEMENT PART 1 in order to enrol in this course.

Where: Melbourne Victoria Australia

Cost: A$300


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