Joanne Elphinston Interview

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Joanne Elphinston

Listen to this fascinating interview where Rob Granter speaks to the amazing Joanne Elphinston about her new book “Stability Sport & Performance Movement”.joanne-elphinston

Joanne has a unique perspective on optimizing performance and treating & preventing injury through the development of the most efficient human movement possible.

This discussion allows the listener to get into the mind of this powerhouse of modern physiotherapy thinking.

Joanne, for example, introduces her concept of analyzing movement beginning with securing the Central Longitudinal Axis to allow controlled, stable and efficient movement to take place.

Joanne talks about the development of the book and how to get the most out of using the book as a valuable resource.

about the author

Joanne Elphinston BPhty MA MCSP

Joanne Elphinston is performance consultant, international lecturer and physiotherapist working with elite and professional athletes.

A recognised lecturer and consultant on technical movement enhancement for performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation, Joanne works with elite athletes in a wide range of sports, as well as professional dancers and musicians. Drawing from backgrounds in applied biomechanics and motor control, philosophy and psychology, Joanne addresses movement from a multimodal and holistic perspective.

A former coach herself, Joanne has one foot planted in the medical and the other in the training aspect of athlete management and development. This gives her a unique understanding of the challenges in sport from both perspectives, and an ability to build bridges between the two areas in her teaching, writing and consultancy.

Joanne’s detailed approach to movement has led her to work for the past eight years with professional contemporary dancers on dancer development, physical preparation and performance enhancement. Other performing arts clients include musicians from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and the Welsh National Opera.

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