Better Breathing Workshop with Tess Graham Australia’s Trusted “Go – To” Expert on Breathing

How Important is Correct Breathing for Ideal Health? We would all have to agree that it is VITAL.

Ask yourself the QuestionDo I know Sufficient Information to Recognise Ideal Breathing Function and Breathing Dysfunction?

We are very pleased to Host this rare visit, to Melbourne, of Australia’s Trusted “Go – To” Expert on Breathing, Canberra Practitioner, Tess Graham


She is the creator of the groundbreaking BreatheAbility for Health programs & author of the book ‘Relief from Snoring & Sleep Apnoea’.

Tess has a science degree majoring in anatomy & physiology, & a post-graduate qualification in physiotherapy. She has the highly-regarded diploma in the Buteyko breathing method from Moscow. 

For 20 years Tess has had a successful clinical practice in Canberra, Australia, dedicated entirely to breathing retraining. She has helped more than 5000 people – men, women & children of all ages & abilities – to achieve quality sleep, boost their energy & lower their risk of serious health issues by improving the way they breathe.  She has also developed a Sports Performance Enhancement program & worked with many elite & team athletes.


TIME: 6.30 – 9.30 PM

WHERE: Melbourne University HAWTHORN CAMPUS

COST: $105

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