We Are Getter Fatter & Sicker. What We Going to Do About It?

Join Dr Peter Brukner for this 1 hour ZOOM Presentation

Our next presentation is with the other half of the incredible  Brukner and Khan dynamic duo, Dr Peter Brukner.

Peter clearly states that as an Australian community we are getting fatter and sicker.

More than half of Australia’s adult population are overweight or obese, and over a quarter of our children. 

The incidence of chronic diseases increases every year.  

He asks the question: How did we get it so wrong? 

And more importantly what can WE do about it? 

Peter turned his own health around by changing his diet and lifestyle and in this 1 hour ZOOM presentation he wants to help you and your patients do the same.

We are in such a unique position that we have established trust with our patients and are able to have sincere discussions with them.

We invite you to join us on this incredibly important task of moving our community toward a better pathway.

Because this information is so important we have massively discounted the cost of the webinar to ensure as many people as possible can attend. 

It’s also a fantastic time to celebrate, for Metropolitan Melbourne at least, our return to work.

The booking link is https://www.trybooking.com/BMOOW please use the code  backinpractice2020  when you check out, to get your 30% discount.

Full cost $42.00 – 30% ($12.60) = $29.40

When: Wednesday 18th November 2020

6.00 – 7.00 PM

Via: ZOOM This link will be sent to you on your confirmation email.

A replay will be available for 5 days after the Presentation for viewing

There will be ample time for you to ask any questions you may have for Dr Brukner

Here is a brief outline of Dr Brukners’ incredible achievements.

Peter Brukner OAM is a specialist sports and exercise physician whose most recent position has been Australian cricket team doctor from 2012 – 17. 

Peter is the founding partner of Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre in Melbourne and Professor of Sports Medicine at LaTrobe University. 

He played a key role in establishing sports medicine as a medical specialty in Australia. Peter is the co-author of the widely used text book Clinical Sports Medicine and has been team physician for professional football clubs as well as national athletics, swimming, soccer and men’s hockey teams including Olympic and Commonwealth Games. 

He is the co-founder of the public health campaign SugarByHalf and is committed to the challenge of improving the nation’s health with improved diet and increased physical activity. 

His most recent book A Fat Lot of Good was published in May 2018.

We are looking forward to having you join us and changing the world together, yet again.

The booking link is https://www.trybooking.com/BMOOW please use the code  backinpractice2020  when you check out, to get your 30% discount.