Soft Tissue Therapy Conference in Sydney Australia

Our very good friends at and Clinic 88 in Canberra are hosting their annual Soft Tissue Therapy Conference in Sydney on August 27th & 28th 2011.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to spend a weekend with some wonderful therapists and make some great friendships within the industry.

I have the honour of giving the keynote address on Supraspinatus Assessment & Treatment and a workshop on Treating the intrinsic Soft Tissue of the Mid Cervical region.

I will be joined over the weekend by the wonderful Jeff Murray who will run workshops on the Onsen approach to Sacral dysfunction and C 0/1 and C 1/2 dysfunction.

The other great speakers include Rolfer, Colin Rossie, Eleanor Oyston and Dr Jamie Gaida.

I am thoroughly looking forward to the conference and I hope to see lots of you up in Sydney.

Click here for the brochure

 Kind Regards Rob Granter