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Also for all Health Professionals wishing to receive clinically effective soft tissue techniques and patient management advice from some of the best practitioners in the world, tried & tested in pressure environments like the Olympics games – You at the right place.

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Rob Granter.

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Another Super Successful JEMS Program in Melbourne

We are so pleased to host another successful JEMS program with the amazing, UK based performance consultant, Joanne Elphinston and her partner Kent Fyrth here in Melbourne

Participants from New Zealand, Far North & Southern Queensland, Sydney, Canberra and Victoria were inspired by the 4-day JEMS ART (Analysis, Rehabilitation & Treatment) Course 1.

There is so much rich content in this 4 day course, enough to keep any health professional inspired for many many months (and years) to deliver more individually targeted effective rehabilitation programs.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list to receive information when Joanne & Kent will be returning to Australia for future courses please email me at

3 days off for Joanne then another fully booked program to start on Thursday here in Melbourne, the JEMS EASE (Efficiency, Awareness, Sensory Motor Integration & Emotion) 4 day course.

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