MULTI MODAL MOVEMENT 1: Post Grad Course with Joanne Elphinston

Systems Integration for Sports Performance and Rehabilitation

The ACSTT is very proud to present Joanne Elphinston, internationally renowed performance consultant and author to present this unique workshop.

Participants will soon learn that they are in the company of an exceptional professional who presents her unique view of movement analysis in a dynamic, focused and crystal clear context which is highly clinically relevant.

This is an exceptional opportunity, not to be missed for any therapist or professional involved in rehabilitation.

When: Friday March 19th 2010 9.30am – 4.00pm & Saturday March 20th 9.00am – 12noon


In order to move well, an athlete must be able to create and control forces effectively, and this is dependent upon multiple interdependent factors. The evidence base supports multimodal, neuromuscular programs for rehabilitation and injury prevention, and the concept of “core stability training ” as it is commonly practiced is appropriately being questioned in the light of new research.

This 11/2 day course puts the concept of stability back into context by addressing the overall objective of efficient, effective sports relevant movement. The course will focus on the interactions between different modalities including functional mobility, proprioception, balance and neuromuscular control, and examine them though testing procedures in order to establish baselines and appropriately reasoned treatment plans. It will also consider the context within which the athlete needs to perform and the additional issues such as beliefs and attitudes which can influence functional stability and therefore optimal movement.

Where: Melbourne Victoria Australia

Cost: A$300


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