Details Released for Joanne Elphinston’s Melbourne JEMS Course December 2017


Leading International Performance Consultant & Physiotherapist Joanne Elphinston will be conducting the 1st two components of the ART (Movement Analysis, Rehabilitation & Training)  Course in Melbourne.

4 consecutive days Thursday, November 30th through to Sunday, December 3rd, 2017. 

Joanne is the author of “Stability Sport & Performance Movement” (2nd Ed) & is based in the UK.


Are You Fascinated By Movement?

Leave prescriptive rehabilitation pathways behind & expand your horizons with an engaging, effective & motivating approach designed to equip you with the skills & principles to address a wide variety of musculoskeletal presentations.

Expand your skills and effortlessly integrate the latest functional movement research into meaningful, effective clinical practice.

Gain a new set of tools for targeted assessment & treatment, & restore a sense of creativity & confidence in your work. Using the evidence base as a source of innovation rather than limitation, JEMS Movement A.R.T. opens a window on the key foundations for efficient, effective, natural movement for rehabilitation, wellbeing & performance.

  • Facilitate a greater sense of ease in your patients by learning to unlock their potential for elastic, robust movement.
  • Identify the most effective start point for your program by using simple, relevant movement tests to uncover the patient’s natural strategies for force management. Address the cause, not just the symptoms.
  • Learn a fresh approach to posture, based on natural reflexes & sensory cues.
  • Develop an “expert eye” for movement
  • Reflect on the current evidence by smoothly evolving beyond the “stability” concept to create integrated programmes systematically, simply and progressively.
  • Through understanding Functional Force Management, understand how to make assessment & treatment choices which reflect the patient’s individual functional requirements. Know where you are heading & ensure that you have the bases covered using clear pathways.

Joanne will be assisted in this course by Kent Fyrth, Senior Tutor of JEMS & co-director of Elphinston Performance.  


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This is a clinical course pathway which includes clinical scenarios & problem solving over a range of neuromusculoskeletal presentations & as such the pre requisite for the course is an Advanced Diploma or Degree in a related field with a rehabilitation focus. The course may also be suitable for clinical related Diploma graduates with extensive clinical & rehabilitation experience and appropriate post graduate CPD. Please contact us for clarification